Artist Spotlight

Brigit Jackson's explosive vocals will keep you rocking til the last note! BRIGIT is a PROLIFIC writer injecting emotion and soulful style into all of her songs. She had the privilege of performing at venues from Madison Square Garden to private release parties in Baltimore and Atlanta. She is a breath of fresh air! Her vocal style is reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige. Her cover of the late Teena Marie's most popular song "Lovergirl" is just a sampling of the powerhouse vocals this artist harbors. In addition, her cover of Adele's "Hometown Glory" is amazing!

The arcade song "Tune In" was written and performed by Brigit and is the theme song for the Arcade Rhythm Game NeonFM at Unit-e Technologies.

Working with a great team with the tools from a veteran #1 hit songwriter in the business, Brigit is ready to take it up a notch!

"They Do It For Show" by JQ The Kruzan feat. Brigit Jackson is available NOW on all platforms!!!

New Music!!!

They Do It For Show is now available on all platforms!!!


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